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Table 1 Inventory of Methylobacterium strains evaluated for phytohormone production

From: A survey of Methylobacterium species and strains reveals widespread production and varying profiles of cytokinin phytohormones

Species Strain Isolation Source Characteristics/Application (as per depository info)
M. aerolatum JCM 16406(T) air None Specified
M. aminovorans LMG 21752(T) soil degrades tetramethylammonium hydroxide
M. aquaticum B-59286 Phoenix spacecraft surface None Specified
DSM 23931 Arabidopsis thaliana — silique surface None Specified
M. bullatum LMG 24788(T) greenhouse, cord moss (Funaria hygrometrica) — phyllosphere None Specified
M. cerastii DSM 23679(T) Cerasium holosteoides — phyllosphere None Specified
M. extorquens B-1048 garden soil enriched with sarcosine taxonomy, transformation host; utilizes alkylamine, formate, oxalate, methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph
JCM 2805 air taxonomy, genome sequenced strain; facultative methylotroph; used in studies of C1 metabolism; utilizes methanol, methylamine
NBRC 15687(T) soil sterility assurance (antibiotic resistant); utilizes methanol, methylamine, oxalate; facultative methylotroph
JCM 2806 garden soil, slough utilizes methanol (methanol oxidaze), methylamine; facultative methylotroph
DSM 13060 pine (Pinus sylvestris) meristem tissue cultures None Specified
DSM 23939 Arabidopsis thaliana — phyllosphere None Specified
JCM 2803 Psychotria mucronata — surface sterilized leaf nodules None Specified
JCM 20693 mine water None Specified
M. extorquens NBRC 103126 soil-litter close to Rumex sp. Degrades oxalate
NBRC 103127 soil-litter close to Arum sp. Degrades oxalate
NBRC 103129 soil-litter close to Eucalyptus sp. Degrades oxalate
M. gnaphalii NBRC 107716(T) Gnaphalium spicatum None Specified
M. goesingense DSM 21331(T) Thlapi goesingense — endosphere of the Ni-hyperaccumulating plant resistance to Ni, Cd and Zn
M. gossipiicola B-51692 (T) cotton (Gossipium hirsutum) — phyllosphere produces auxin and ACC deaminase
M. iners JCM 16407(T) air None Specified
M. jeotgali LMG-23639(T) traditional fermented seafood (jeotgal) None Specified
M. marchantiae DSM 21328(T) liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha) - phyllosphere (thallus) None Specified
M. mesophilicum B-14246 (T) perennial rye grass (Lolium perenne) – healthy, green leaves utilizes methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph; antibiotic resistant
B-2390 household well water None Specified
M. nodulans LMG-21967(T) Crotalaria podocarpa — nodules induces nitrogen-fixing root nodules on legume Crotalaria spp.
M. organophilum LMG-6083(T) lake water, lake sediment genetic transformation; enzyme regulation; facultative methylotroph; utilizes methanol, methylamine, trimethylamine; does not utilize methane; produce poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate
M. organophilum NBRC 103120 Ficus elastica — petiole maceration degrades oxalate
NBRC 103121 Begonia sp. — petiole maceration degrades oxalate
M. oryzae LMG-23582(T) Oryzae sativa cv Nam-Pyeoung — surface-disinfected stem possesses ACC deaminase activity; produces cytokinins
M. oxalidis NBRC 107715(T) Oxalis corniculata None Specified
M. phyllosphaerae LMG-24361(T) Oryza sativa cv. Dong-Jin — leaf tissues possesses ACC deaminase activity
M. platani JCM 14648(T) Platanus orientalis — leaf None Specified
M. radiotolerans LMG-2269(T) Japanese unpolished (unhulled) old and commercial rice grain radiation resistant; utilizes methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph; produces pigment (alpha-bacterioruberin)
LMG-6379 forest soil utilizes methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph; antibiotic resistant
M. rhodinum LMG-2275(T) Alder (Alnus) rhizosphere utilizes methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph
M. thiocyanatum JCM 10893(T) Allium aflatuense – rhizosphere soil degrades cyanate and thiocyanate
NBRC 103122 Bryophyllum sp. — petiole maceration degrades oxalate
NBRC 103124 Mesenbryanthemum sp. — stem maceration degrades oxalate
NBRC 103128 soil-litter close to Mesenbryanthemum sp. degrades oxalate
NBRC 103130 soil-litter close to Rumex sp. degrades oxalate
M. zatmanii LMG-6087(T) fermentor operating with formaldehyde as sole source of carbon utilizes methanol, methylamine, trimethylamine facultative methylotroph
Methylobacterium spp. LMG-6378 red discolouration of ginned cotton lint utilizes methanol, methylamine; facultative methylotroph; antibiotic resistant
DSM 23935 Cardamine hirsuta — phyllosphere None Specified
DSM 23936 Medicago truncatula — phyllosphere None Specified
JCM 14673 Oryza sativa SC-41 — stem of cultivated rice None Specified
JCM 14674 Oryza rufipogon W1964 — stem of wild rice None Specified