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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Role of aspartate ammonia-lyase in Pasteurella multocida

Strains or plasmids Description Source or reference
 C48–1 Avian P. multocida C48–1. Capsulated and virulent China Veterinary Culture Collection Center
aspA::kan aspA mutant strain of Avian P. multocida C48–1 This work
 CaspA::kan Complemented strain of aspA::kan This work
aspA::kan (pAL99S) aspA mutant strain harboring an empty vector This work
 pBC-Tn903 Suicide vector, CmR, KanR [39]
 pBC-aspA Containing left and right arms of aspA, CmR This work
 pBC-aspA-kan Constructing aspA gene deletion mutants, CmR, KanR This work
 pAL99S P. multocida expression plasmid, derivative of pAL99, SpecR [40]
 pAL99S-aspA Containing the intact aspA, SpecR This work
 pET-28a Amplifing the kanamycin resistance cassette, KanR Our Lab
  1. KanR kanamycin resistance, CmR chloramphenicol resistance, SpecR spectinomycin resistance