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Fig. 3

From: The Moraxella catarrhalis phase-variable DNA methyltransferase ModM3 is an epigenetic regulator that affects bacterial survival in an in vivo model of otitis media

Fig. 3

ModM3 expression alters survival of M. catarrhalis in chinchilla ears. a Number of M. catarrhalis CFU found in middle ear fluids (MEF), middle ear mucosa (MEM), or whole bullae (MEF + MEM) from chinchilla ears transbullarly inoculated with either M. catarrhalis modM3 ON or modM3 OFF. The median CFU and interquartile range is displayed for each cohort. * indicates P < 0.05. b Images of middle ears challenged with M. catarrhalis modM3 ON or modM3 OFF populations. Submucosal pockets of bacteria, characteristic of OM, are indicated by black circles

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