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Table 1 Collection localities of Cardinium strains and their associated reproductive phenotypes

From: Development of a multi-locus sequence typing system helps reveal the evolution of Cardinium hertigii, a reproductive manipulator symbiont of insects

Host organismCardinium strainCollection informationReproductive phenotype
Aleurothrixus floccosuscAflo1IsraelUnknown
Encarsia suzannaecEper1Texas, USACI (Hunter et al., 2003)
Encarsia hispidacEhis1San Diego, USAPI (Zchori-Fein et al., 2004)
Encarsia tabacivoracEper2BrazilPI association (Zchori-Fein et al., 2001)
Encarsia inaron (IT), high density strain (HIT)cEina2ItalyOne of two strains co-infecting a host with a CI phenotype (Gebiola et al., 2016). This strain does not cause CI (Stouthamer, et al. unpubl.)
Encarsia inaron, (IT), low density strain (LIT)cEina3ItalyOne of two strains co-infecting a host with a CI phenotype (Gebiola et al., 2016). This strain causes CI (Stouthamer et al. unpubl.)
Encarsia inaron (USA)cEina1USANo CI, no PI (White et al., 2009)
Aspidiotus neriicAner1University of California, Riverside cultureAssociated with parthenogenetic host (Provencher et al., 2005)
Bemisia tabaci, Q1 speciescBtQ1Valencia, SpainNo CI, no PI (Fang et al., 2014)
Ixodes scapularis cell linecIsca1Nantucket Island (Massachusetts), USAUnknown
Indozuriel danturcIdan1JapanUnknown
Sogatella furciferacSfur1ChinaUnknown
Sogatella furciferacSfur2JapanCI (Nakamura et al., 2009)
Eotetranychus suginamensiscEsug1TaiwanCI (Gotoh et al., 2007)
Oligonychus coffeaecOcof1JapanUnknown
Oligonychus gotohicOgot1JapanUnknown
Panonychus moricPmor1JapanCI (Gotoh et al., 2003)
Tetranychus pueraricolacTpue1JapanNo CI, no PI (Gotoh et al., 2003)
Culicoides arakawaecCara1Kagoshima Pref. or Okinawa Pref., JapanUnknown
Culicoides ohmoriicCohm1Kagoshima Pref, JapanUnknown
Culicoides peregrinuscCper1Yonaguni Isl., Okinawa Pref. JapanUnknown
Culicoides punctatuscCpun1Leahurst Campus, University of Liverpool, UKUnknown
Cybaeus eutypuscCeutVancouver Island, CanadaUnknown
Cybaeus signifercCsig1Vancouver Island, CanadaUnknown
Cybaeus chaulioduscCcha1Northern California, USAUnknown
Cybaeus somesbarcCsom1Northern California, USAUnknown
Cybaeus sanbrunocCsan1North central California, USAUnknown
Cybaeus morosuscCmor1British Columbia, CanadaUnknown
Cybaeus hespercChes1North central California, USAUnknown
Cybaeus multnomacCmul1Oregon, USAUnknown
Cybaeus penedentatuscCpen1North central California, USAUnknown
Culicoides imicolacCimi1UnknownUnknown
Metaseiulus occidentaliscMocc1Washington and Oregon, USACI (Roush and Hoy, 1981)
Leiobunum sp 1cLsp2Georgetown Island, Maine, USAUnknown
Leiobunum sp 2cLsp3N. Monmouth, Maine, USAUnknown
LeiobunumcLsp1Ellison Park, Monroe County, New York, USAUnknown
Brevipalpus californicuscBcal1Minas Gerais, BrazilFeminization (Groot and Breeuwer, 2006)
Brevipalpus phoeniciscBpho1Minas Gerais, BrazilFeminization (Groot and Breeuwer, 2006)
Macrosteles quadrilineatuscMque1 Unknown
Encarsia perniciosicEper3Tijuana River Valley Park, San Diego, USAAssociated with parthenogenetic host (Stouthamer and Luck, 1991)
Pezothrips kellyanuscPkel1AustraliaCI (Nguyen et al., 2017)