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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characteristics of oxazolidinone resistance in enterococci from a multicenter study in China

Fig. 2

a Schematic presentation of the genetic environment of optrA-containing contigs mapped on plasmids in 10 enterococci isolates investigated in this study. b Schematic presentation of optrA-containing contigs mapped on chromosome in three enterococci isolates. Arrows indicate the positions and directions of transcription of the different genes. Genes with unknown functions are not marked. According to the gene arrangement, the 10 contigs mapped on plasmids were divided into 4 groups-group 1 (29462 [MH225419], 1202_21W014 [MH225414]), group 2 (1203_10W003 [MH225415], SZ21494 [MH225420], ZJ11066 [MH225425]), group 3 (1207_26W003 [MH225416], 19677 [MH225418], XM2013_71028 [MH225424]), group 4 (WHXH [MH225422], XM2013_42321 [MH225423])

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