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Fig. 1

From: Paeniclostridium sordellii and Clostridioides difficile encode similar and clinically relevant tetracycline resistance loci in diverse genomic locations

Fig. 1

Core SNP phylogeny of P. sordellii isolates displaying Tet P genomic location and subtype. A core SNP phylogeny tree of 44 P. sordellii isolates was produced from whole genome sequencing reads (see Table S2 for accession numbers) by comparison with the genome sequence of P. sordellii type strain ATCC 9714 (LN679998, LN679999 and LN680000) using the Nullarbor pipeline. Shown in the top right corner is a tree representing the nucleotide identity between the Tet P determinants of encoding isolates. The Tet P sequences clearly fall into two main subtypes, and P. sordellii isolates that carry Tet P are coloured either in red (sub-type 1) or in blue (sub-type 2). The predicted genomic location of Tet P based on bioinformatic analysis is indicated with a shape next to each encoding strain; chromosomal (star), pCSTC1 (circle) or pCSTC2 (square) (Fig. 2 a, b)

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