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Table 3 RpfC positively regulates the expression of hrpX, 25 hrp genes, and 9 T3S effectors

From: RpfC regulates the expression of the key regulator hrpX of the hrp/T3SS system in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

ID Gene name Predicted product Fold change p value
XC3001 hpa2 Hpa2 protein −1.967 0.006410439
XC3002 hpa1 Hpa1 protein −3.429 5.28933E-05
XC3003 hrcC HrcC protein −2.440 6.32552E-05
XC3004 hrcT HrpB8 protein −2.112 0.001062566
XC3005 hrpB7 HrpB7 protein −2.429 3.27619E-06
XC3006 hrcN HrpB6 protein −2.184 0.000117024
XC3007 hrpB5 HrpB5 protein −3.356 1.38714E-05
XC3008 hrpB4 HrpB4 protein −2.781 0.000112512
XC3009 hrcJ HrcJ protein −3.227 5.31033E-06
XC3010 hrpB2 HrpB2 protein −3.152 5.78013E-05
XC3011 hrpB1 HrpB1 protein −3.334 3.3299E-06
XC3012 hrcU HrcU protein −2.873 3.59286E-05
XC3013 hrcV HrcV protein −2.871 7.99441E-05
XC3014 hpaP HpaP protein −2.730 0.000117653
XC3015 hrcQ HrcQ protein −2.963 0.000143701
XC3016 hrcR HrcR protein −2.208 8.2237E-05
XC3017 hrcS HrcS protein −2.664 0.000432191
XC3018 hpaA HpaA protein −2.373 1.30182E-05
XC3019 hrpD5 HrpD5 protein −2.843 2.26091E-05
XC3020 hrpD6 HrpD6 protein −2.933 2.18335E-06
XC3021 hrpE HrpE protein −2.076 4.12178E-05
XC3022 hpaB HpaB protein −2.121 1.32695E-08
XC3023 hrpW HrpW protein −1.342 3.28466E-06
XC3024   conserved hypothetical protein − 1.376 2.43557E-06
XC3025 hrpF HrpF protein −2.472 3.91605E-06
XC3076 hrpX HrpX protein −1.331 1.1147E-06
XC3077 hrpG HrpG protein −0.564 2.03168E-05
XC0052 avrBs2 avirulence protein −0.556 0.000371266
XC0241 xopXccN conserved hypothetical protein −1.713 2.02564E-05
XC1553 avrAC Xcc8004 leucin rich protein −1.796 6.64485E-05
XC2004 avrXccC avirulence protein −1.424 0.000257062
XC2081 avrBs1 avirulence protein −1.357 0.00061082
XC2602 avrXccE1 avirulence protein −1.458 1.49178E-06
XC2994 xopXccP Type III effector protein −0.626 0.000168654
XC2995 xopXccE1 Type III effector protein −1.932 2.51053E-06
XC3160 xopXccR1 Type III effector protein −2.954 1.98578E-05
XC3177 xopXccQ Type III effector protein −2.266 3.59482E-05
XC3802 avrXccB avirulence protein −0.449 0.000671213
XC4273 xopXccLR leucin rich protein −1.842 3.38357E-07
XC0486 clp CAP-like protein 0.091 0.000208009
  1. Fold change means the value of log2 ratio of RPKM (ΔrfpC/wild type). The differential expression genes were defined with a stringent cutoff value of |log2-fold change| ≥ 1.0 and p value < 0.01