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Table 3 The serogroups and hemolytic activity of ETEC isolated from 7 diarrheic suckling piglets and 1 weaner

From: Prevalence of adhesin and toxin genes in E. coli strains isolated from diarrheic and non-diarrheic pigs from smallholder herds in northern and eastern Uganda

ETEC strain Hemolysis Serogroup No. of pigs Management method
F4/STb/EAST1 Non-hemolytic O138 3 Semi-intensive
F4/STb Non-hemolytic None 1 Semi-intensive
AIDA/STb/EAST1 Non-hemolytic O139 1 Tethering
AIDA/STb Non-hemolytic None 1 Tethering
F-/STb Non-hemolytic None 1 Semi-intensive
F-/STb Non-hemolytic O45 1 Tethering