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Table 1 Summary of cucurbit seeds used as sources of endophytes in this study

From: Taxonomic and functional diversity of cultured seed associated microbes of the cucurbit family

Taxonomy19 No. of diploid chromosomes Common name Commercial variety Source Common use
Tribe Benincaseae      
Genus Cucumis      
 Cucumis melo L. 24 Melon Cantaloupe Delicious Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #101114 Food
    Cantaloupea Honduras  
    Santa Claus cantaloupea USA  
    Canary cantaloupea USA  
    Honeydewa USA  
 Cucumis sativus L. 14 Cucumber Field cucumbera Canada Food
    Straight eight Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #101250  
    Marketmore (Certified organic seeds) Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #134129  
    Spacemaster Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #132403  
    Burpless beauty Burpee, PA, USA #52175A  
    Burpless F1 Mr. Fothergill’s, AB, Canada,
Genus Citrullus      
 Citrullus lanatus (Thunb). Matsum.&Nakai 22 Watermelon Early Canada improved Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #101734 Food
    Crimson sweet Burpee, PA, USA, #62679A  
    Watermelona Canada  
Genus Lagenaria      
 Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Stand. 22 Bottle gourd Bottle gourd Ontario Seed Co., ON, Canada Ornamental
Tribe Sicyoeae      
Genus Luffa      
 Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb. 26 Angled Loofah Chinese okra Stokes Seeds Ltd, ON, Canada Stokes Seeds INC., NY, USA, #422Y Food
Tribe Cucurbiteae      
Genus Cucurbita      
 Cucurbita moschata Duch.ex Poir 40 Squash & pumpkin Butternut squasha Argentina Food
 Cucurbita pepo L. 40 Squash & pumpkin    Food & ornamental
 C.pepo L. var. pepo L.   Jack O’Lantern Mckenzie, MB, Canada, #101556
   Pumpkina Canada
 C.pepo L. var. turbinate   Acorn squasha Mexico
 C.pepo L. var. fastigata   Spaghetti squasha Mexico
  1. aFresh product
  2. 19Taxonomic classification is derived from Schaefer and Renner, 2011