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Table 1 List of the proteins with RNA-binding and DNA-binding domains identified by MS

From: Identification of RNAIII-binding proteins in Staphylococcus aureus using tethered RNAs and streptavidin aptamers based pull-down assay

Proteins with RNA-binding domains
Gene Protein
SAOUHSC_00769 Protein translocase subunit SecA
SAOUHSC_01035 Ribonuclease J 1
SAOUHSC_01252 Ribonuclease J 2
SAOUHSC_01659 Putative uncharacterized protein
SAOUHSC_01679 Putative uncharacterized protein
SAOUHSC_01207 Signal recognition particle protein
SAOUHSC_01184 Sun protein
SAOUHSC_02362 Transcription termination factor Rho
SAOUHSC_01492 GTP-binding protein EngA
SAOUHSC_01163 Pseudouridine synthase
SAOUHSC_01668 GTP-binding protein Era
SAOUHSC_00464 Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase A
SAOUHSC_01203 Ribonuclease III
SAOUHSC_00513 Putative uncharacterized protein
SAOUHSC_02303 mRNA interferase MazF
Proteins with DNA-binding domains
Gene Protein
SAOUHSC_01099 Endonuclease MutS2
SAOUHSC_01351 DNA topoisomerase 4 subunit B
SAOUHSC_00001 Chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA
SAOUHSC_01682 Chaperone protein DnaJ
SAOUHSC_01850 Catabolite control protein A
SAOUHSC_01576 Exonuclease family protein
SAOUHSC_01454 Putative uncharacterized protein
SAOUHSC_00467 Pur operon repressor
SAOUHSC_00020 Transcriptional regulatory protein WalR
SAOUHSC_01490 DNA-binding protein Hu