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Table 1 Simpson’s Index of Diversity a for A. but z leri isolates ( n =152) genotyped by CGF 40

From: Development of a comparative genomic fingerprinting assay for rapid and high resolution genotyping of Arcobacter butzleri

Partitioning method Assay Partitions b Simpson’s ID CI (95%) CINA (95%)
Binary Pairwise Similarity (UPGMA) Reference 87 0.984 0.978-0.991 0.977-0.992
CGF40 86 0.987 0.983-0.992 0.982-0.992
  1. aSimpson’s Index of Diversity (ID), confidence intervals (CI), and non-approximated confidence intervals (CINA) were calculated using the online tool of the Comparing Partitions Website (
  2. bPartitions were denoted at the 95% similarity level, which was calculated using the simple matching coefficient in BioNumerics (version 6.6, Applied Maths, Austin, TX).