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Table 3 A list of detected proteins, by P. gingivalis PGN number [11], assigned to ribosomal proteins as determined using DAVID.

From: Pathway analysis for intracellular Porphyromonas gingivalis using a strain ATCC 33277 specific database

Increased (32) Unchanged (19) Decreased Levels (1)
PGN_0035 PGN_0167 PGN_0640 PGN_0965 PGN_0394
PGN_0188 PGN_0279 PGN_1572 PGN_1589  
PGN_0636 PGN_0639 PGN_1647 PGN_1648  
PGN_0641 PGN_0964 PGN_1698 PGN_1844  
PGN_1088 PGN_1219 PGN_1651 PGN_1852  
PGN_1573 PGN_1575 PGN_1853 PGN_1854  
PGN_1588 PGN_1590 PGN_1855 PGN_1861  
PGN_1832 PGN_1840 PGN_1863 PGN_1868  
PGN_1842 PGN_1843 PGN_1872 PGN_1890  
PGN_1849 PGN_1850 PGN_1891   
PGN_1856 PGN_1857    
PGN_1857 PGN_1858    
PGN_1860 PGN_1862    
PGN_1864 PGN_1865    
PGN_1866 PGN_1867    
PGN_1869 PGN_1871    
  1. Proteins are indicated as increased, decreased or unchanged in abundance for internalized P. gingivalis versus external control cells. The totals for each category are given in parentheses.