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Table 2 Promoter sequences for jag, gidB, parA and parB genes of M. bovis BCG (Mb) and M. smegmatis (Ms)

From: par genes in Mycobacterium bovis and Mycobacterium smegmatisare arranged in an operon transcribed from "SigGC" promoters

Promoter -35 Spacer -10 Spacer TSS§ Group
P1 jag (Mb) aaaCGT 16 CAgCCG 03 A D
P2 jag (Mb) aGCgGc 18 CGGCCC 11 G D
P1 gidB (Mb) TcGAgA 19 aAacAT 04 C A
P2 gidB (Mb) cGCaGT 18 CGgCtG 13 A D
P parA (Mb) TGtgaT 21 tGtCAG 04 G D
P1 parB (Mb) gctACA 17 TAcgAT 12 G A
P2 parB (Mb) TGCgCa 20 CACCtC 12 G D
P jag (Ms) cGCCGa 18 CGGGAG 10 G D
P gidB (Ms) TGCgGc 14 CGggAG 07 G D
P parA (Ms) TtCCtT 18 CtCCCG 10 A D
P parB (Ms) TcGaCg 16 CGagCG 04 G D
  1. (†) Length of the spacer between the -35 and -10 hexamers. (‡) Length of the spacer between the -10 hexamer and TSS. (§) Transcription start site (TSS) determined by primer extension. Consensus nucleotides are shown with capital letters.