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Figure 9

From: Structure-based discovery of inhibitors of the YycG histidine kinase: New chemical leads to combat Staphylococcus epidermidis infections

Figure 9

Four-point pharmacophores model for the six potential inhibitors binding to the YycG protein. Four-point pharmacophores models of inhibitors compose of two hydrogen bond acceptors, which interact with Asn503 and Lys542, and two hydrophobic centers (orange spheres) on the both side of gorge of the binding site, which interact with hydrophobic residues, it was constructed by DISCO in Sybyl based on the six inhibitors and could provide useful information for novel inhibitor design and structural modification. A (compound 1); B (compound 2); C (compound 3); D (compound 4); E (compound 5); F (compound 7).

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