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Table 1 Bacteria used to test specificity and sensitivity of F. psychrophilum specific rpoC primers

From: Detection and quantification of Flavobacterium psychrophilum in water and fish tissue samples by quantitative real time PCR

Taxon No. of isolates investigated Origin
Flavobacterium branchiophilum 1 (France)
F. aquatile 1 (France)
F. aquidurense 1 DSM18293
F. columnare 2 (France) (USA)
F. frigidimaris 1 (France)
F. frixellicola 1 (France)
F. hercynium 1 DSM18292
F. hydatis 1 DSM2063
F. johnsoniae 1 (France)
F. limicola 1 DSM15094
F. pectinovorum 1 DSM6368
F. psychrolimnae 1 (France)
F. psychrophilum 100 DSM3660 and isolates from BTF, BTL and RT
F. succinicans 1 DSM4002
Flavobacterium spp. 88 Water, tank swab and fish isolates from BTF and RT
Chryseobacterium spp. 17 Water and tank swabs
Other Aquatic Bacteria 11 Water, swab and fish isolates from BTF BTL and RT
  1. RT rainbow trout, BTF brown trout fario; BTL brown trout lacustris.