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Table 1 Strains used in this study

From: L-alanine-induced germination in Bacillus licheniformis -the impact of native gerA sequences

Strain Description Reference
MW3 B. licheniformis DSM13 (ΔhsdR1,ΔhsdR2) [51]
NVH1307 B. licheniformis MW3ΔgerAA::spc. SpR [28]
NVH1311 NVH1307 with pHT315_MW3gerA. SpR and ErmR [28]
NVH1309 NVH1307 with pHT315_ NVH1032gerA. SpR and ErmR This work
NVH1321 NVH1307 with pHT315_ NVH1112gerA. SpR and ErmR This work
NVH1322 NVH1307 with pHT315_ NVH800gerA. SpR and ErmR This work
53 B. licheniformis strains Genotyped wt strains from various sources [33]