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Table 1 S. cerevisiae strains used in this study

From: Deletion of the HAMP domains from the histidine kinase CaNik1p of Candida albicans or treatment with fungicides activates the MAP kinase Hog1p in S. cerevisiae transformants

Strain designation Genotype Transformed with Reference
BWG1-7a Mat a ura3-52 leu2-3,112 his4-519 ade1-100 - [38]
YES BWG1-7a pYES2 This study
NIK BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1-TAG [25]
H510 BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1(H510Q) This study
D924 BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1(D924N) This study
N627 BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1(N627D) This study
ΔHa BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP This study
ΔHaH510 BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP(H510Q) This study
ΔH3H4 BWG1-7a pYES2-CaNIK1Δ224-315Δ327-418aa [27]
BY4741 Mat a his3Δ 1; leu2Δ 0; met15Δ 0; ura3Δ 0 - [39]
ΔHb BY4741 pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP This study
ΔHbH510 BY4741 pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP(H510Q) This study
Δssk1 BY4741, YLR006c::kanMX4 - [49]
Δpbs2 BY4741, YJL128c::kanMX4 - [49]
Δhog BY4741, YLR113w::kanMX4 - [49]
ΔHbΔssk1 Δssk1 pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP This study
ΔHbΔpbs2 Δpbs2 pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP This study
ΔHbΔhog Δhog pYES2-CaNIK1ΔHAMP This study