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Figure 1

From: The viral transmembrane superfamily: possible divergence of Arenavirus and Filovirus glycoproteins from a common RNA virus ancestor

Figure 1

Models of the Transmembrane Proteins GP-2 of Lassa Virus and LCMV. Projections of the model structure for GP-2 of Lassa and LCMV are shown in parallel with one another, based on the consensus structures for algorithms of both viral amino acid sequences. Proposed helices are shown in helical net projection with sequential amino acids connected by solid lines. Proposed disulfide linkages are indicated by double lines. Hydrophobic amino acids are grouped with a solid background; neutral amino acids with a heavily outlined circle; hydrophilic amino acids with a light circle; glycosylation sites indicated by tridents. A heavy solid line indicates the point of proteolytic cleavage of the GP-C precursor protein to yield GP-1 and GP-2. Cysteines are highlighted by larger red circles. The surface membrane of the virus is indicated by a solid purple rectangle, the amino-terminal hydrophobic region by a yellow rectangle, and the conserved B-cell epitope by a blue rectangle. The two proposed antiparallel helices are labeled "AmphiHelix" for the extended heptad repeat, and "CPI Helix" for the charged, pre-insertion helix.

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