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BMC Series Focus Issue

Gut microbiome and digestive health

To commemorate World Digestive Health Day that is celebrated annually on 29th of May, this month we focus on Gut microbiome and digestive health. Here is a selection of manuscripts from different BMC Series Journals focusing on either gut microbiome or on digestive health in insects, animals and humans.  

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Pre- and post-sequencing recommendations for functional annotation of human fecal metagenomes
Michelle L. Treiber, Diana H. Taft, Ian Korf, David A. Mills & Danielle G. Lemay
BMC Bioinformatics 21:74 (2020)
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The production of a recombinant tandem single chain fragment variable capable of binding prolamins triggering celiac disease
Britta Eggenreich, Elke Scholz, David Johannes Wurm, Florian Forster & Oliver Spadiut
BMC Biotechnology 18:30 (2018)
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A critical role for the Drosophila dopamine D1-like receptor Dop1R2 at the onset of metamorphosis
Kimberly Regna, Peri T. Kurshan, Benjamin N. Harwood, Adam M. Jenkins, Chao-Qiang Lai et al
BMC Developmental Biology
16:15 (2016)
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Diet segregation in American bison (Bison bison) of Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA)
John L. Berini & Catherine Badgley
BMC Ecology 17:27 (2017)
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Delimitation of five astome ciliate species isolated from the digestive tube of three ecologically different groups of lumbricid earthworms, using the internal transcribed spacer region and the hypervariable D1/D2 region of the 28S rRNA gene
Tomáš Obert & Peter Vďačný
BMC Evolutionary Biology 20:37 (2020)
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Fecal microbiota transplantation for ulcerative colitis: a prospective clinical study
Yan Tian, Yan Zhou, Sisi Huang, Jun Li, Kui Zhao et al
BMC Gastroenterology 19:116 (2019)
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An improved statistical model for taxonomic assignment of metagenomics
Yujing Yao, Zhezhen Jin & Joseph H Lee
BMC Genetics 19:98 (2018)
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Metagenomic analysis of bile salt biotransformation in the human gut microbiome
Promi Das, Simonas Marcišauskas, Boyang Ji & Jens Nielsen
BMC Genomics 20:517 (2019)
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Role of intestinal microbiota and metabolites on gut homeostasis and human diseases
Lan Lin & Jianqiong Zhang
BMC Immunology 18:2 (2017)
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E. coli diversity: low in colorectal cancer
Le Tang, Yu-Jie Zhou, Songling Zhu, Gong-Da Liang, He Zhuang et al
BMC Medical Genomics 13:59 (2020)
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Aging progression of human gut microbiota
Congmin Xu, Huaiqiu Zhu & Peng Qiu
BMC Microbiology 19:236 (2019)
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Loss of IP3 receptor function in neuropeptide secreting neurons leads to obesity in adult Drosophila
Manivannan Subramanian, Siddharth Jayakumar, Shlesha Richhariya & Gaiti Hasan
BMC Neuroscience 14:157 (2013)
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Randomised clinical trial: effect of low-FODMAP rye bread versus regular rye bread on the intestinal microbiota of irritable bowel syndrome patients: association with individual symptom variation
Reijo Laatikainen, Jonna Jalanka, Jussi Loponen, Sanna-Maria Hongisto, Markku Hillilä et al
BMC Nutrition
5:12 (2019)
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Cultivable gut bacteria provide a pathway for adaptation of Chrysolina herbacea to Mentha aquatica volatiles
Graziano Pizzolante, Chiara Cordero, Salvatore M. Tredici, Davide Vergara, Paola Pontieri et al
BMC Plant Biology
17:30 (2017)
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The effect of DNA extraction methodology on gut microbiota research applications
Konstantinos Gerasimidis, Martin Bertz, Christopher Quince, Katja Brunner, Alanna Bruce et al
BMC Research Notes
9:365 (2016)
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Dietary inclusion of Peptiva, a peptide-based feed additive, can accelerate the maturation of the fecal bacterial microbiome in weaned pigs
Prakash Poudel, Crystal L. Levesque, Ryan Samuel & Benoit St-Pierre
BMC Veterinary Research 16:60 (2020)
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Understanding the dynamics of physiological impacts of environmental stressors on Australian marsupials, focus on the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
Edward J. Narayan & Michelle Williams
BMC Zoology 1:2 (2016)
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