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Table 1 Selected genes being significantly up- or down-regulated in the ste2 disruption strain D2. The function, KEGG orthology, and a result of BLAST are shown for each gene, respectively

From: A DasA family sugar binding protein Ste2 links nutrient and oxidative stress to exopolysaccharides production in Streptomyces sp. 139

Function Gene ID D2 to WT Ratio KEGG Orthology Blast nr
Carbohydrate metabolism S139GL004816 15.74661713 alpha-glucoside transport system substrate-binding protein carbohydrate ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
[Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
  S139GL004057 18.01236617 peptidoglycan DL-endopeptidase CwlO MBL fold metallo-hydrolase [Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
Amino acid metabolism S139GL002102 2.958184062 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase methionine adenosyltransferase [Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
  S139GL005081 6.721092236 glutamine synthetase glutamate–ammonia ligase [Streptomyces]
Membrane transport S139GL002390 0.154636472 N,N'-diacetylchitobiose transport system substrate-binding protein putative sugar transporter sugar-binding
protein [Streptomyces sp. 139]
  S139GL002391 0.461712269 N,N'-diacetylchitobiose transport system permease protein putative sugar transporter integral membrane protein
[Streptomyces sp. 139]
Response to oxidative stress S139GL004328 0.226084044 catalase-peroxidase catalase/peroxidase HPI [Streptomyces sp. CB02400]
  S139GL003847 0.196900796 ATP-binding cassette, subfamily C, bacterial CydCD ABC transporter ATP-binding protein [Actinobacteria]
  S139GL000959 5.552515326 peroxiredoxin [alkyl hydroperoxide reductase subunit C] peroxiredoxin [Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
  S139GL001510 4.306959158 aldehyde dehydrogenase [NAD +] aldehyde dehydrogenase [Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
S139GL000617 3.71384308 cyclic-di-GMP-binding protein DUF520 domain-containing protein [Streptomyces]
Cell morphology S139GL003161 0.45401102 rod shape-determining protein MreB and related proteins hypothetical protein [Streptomyces sp. CNH189]
  S139GL005336 0.179128887 rod shape-determining protein MreB and related proteins rod shape-determining protein [Actinobacteria]
  S139GL005480 2.244936284 rod shape-determining protein MreB and related proteins rod shape-determining protein [Streptomyces]