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Table 4 GenBank accession numbers of strains used in the phylogenetic analysis

From: A new strain of Volutella citrinella with nematode predation and nematicidal activity, isolated from the cysts of potato cyst nematodes in China

Species Strain no. GenBank no.
Volutella ciliata CBS 483.61 KM231770 KM231635
V. ciliata KNU-516 KM267564
V. citrinella DAOM:226720 HQ897821 HQ843771
V. delonicis MFLU 19-1384 NR_171101 NG_073864
V. lini CABI:IMI92688 JQ647452
V. lini CABI:IMI224502 JQ693169
V. ramkumarii CABI IMI136704 JQ647453
V. thailandensis MFLUCC 16-0366 MH388368 MH376742
Calostilbe striispora CBS 133491 KM231789 KM231653
  1. Note: “-” represent the GenBank number doesn‘t exist