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Table 5 Soil EC1:5, pH values, and Na+ concentration in different saline and alkaline stress treatments in a calcareous desert soil

From: Saline and alkaline stresses alter soil properties and composition and structure of gene-based nitrifier and denitrifier communities in a calcareous desert soil

Treatment Salinity and alkalinity EC1:5 (dS·m−1) pH (1:2.5) Na+ concentration (g/kg)
Control (CK) No additional salinization or alkalization 0.35 8.16 0.060
NaCl (CS) Moderate salinization 1.39 8.43 0.886
Na2SO4 (SS) Moderate salinization 2.01 8.19 0.827
Na2CO3 + NaHCO3 (AS) Moderate alkalization 0.63 9.92 0.466