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Table 3 Screening of 58 food samples commonly consumed in Japan for clb + E. coli by PCR analysis

From: Mother-to-infant transmission of the carcinogenic colibactin-producing bacteria

Source PCR Source PCR Source PCR
bran pickles broccoli brown beech mushroom
burdock root cabbage celery
cherry tomato Chinese cabbage cloud ear mushroom
cucumber dried shiitake mushroom enoki mushroom
eryngii mushroom ginger Japanese ginger
Japanese parsley Japanese radish kimchi
Korean lettuce lettuce lotus root
maitake mushroom mesclun greens olive oil
onion parsley pea sprouts
pickled Chinese cabbage potherb mustard red leaf lettuce
salted plum shiitake mushroom soybean sprouts
spinach spring onion tomato
white radish sprouts     
beef beef / ground meat cattle / large intestine
cattle / liver cattle / small intestine cattle / stomach +
chicken / ground meat chicken / liver pork / ground meat
clam crab freshwater clam
salmon shrimp tuna
Dairy products
butter cheese milk
honey tap water yogurt