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Table 3 CHemical fermentation characteristics of alfalfa silage prepared with and without cellulase under ensiling for 30 and 60 days

From: The potential and effects of saline-alkali alfalfa microbiota under salt stress on the fermentation quality and microbial

Items 30 days 60 days
CK‡ Cellulase CK Cellulase
pH 4.37a 4.27a 4.24b 4.1a
Lactic acid (% DM†) 2.39b 2.66b 2.6a 3.48a
Acetic acid (% DM) 4.63a 3.48b 4.7a 4.85a
Propionic acid (% DM) 0.01b 0.01a 0.01b 0.01a
Butyric acid (% DM) ND§ ND ND ND
NH3-N (% DM) 2.38b 1.92a 2.45b 2.49a
  1. DM Dry matter
  2. CK Control (no addition)
  3. §Not detected
  4. Values within the same row under the same ensiling days with different superscripts in lowercase letters differ significantly from each other at P < 0.05