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Table 1 Chemical and microbial compositions in the pre-ensiled samples

From: The potential and effects of saline-alkali alfalfa microbiota under salt stress on the fermentation quality and microbial

Items Medicago sativa L.
DMa (%) 29.9
Crude protein (% DM) 21.9
Neutral detergent fiber (% DM) 37.4
Acid detergent fiber (% DM) 33.9
Fatty acid (% DM) 7.4
Water-soluble carbohydrates (% DM) 3.27
Lactic acid bacteria (Log CFU /g FM)b 4.57
Coliform bacteria (Log CFU /g FM)b 4.8
Yeast (Log CFU /g FM)b 2.24
  1. aDM Dry matter
  2. bCFU Colony-forming units