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Table 1 Collection site and isolation plates from where azithromycin and meropenem resistant isolates were collected

From: Resistance‐guided isolation and characterization of antibiotic‐producing bacteria from river sediments

Date of collection Collection site of the river sediments Depth Antibiotic supplemented on the SCNA plates Concentration of the antibiotics on the plates Isolate
30/01/19 Kopotakkha, Jashore
(23.1061737 N,89.0937548E)
Approx. 2–3 m Azithromycin 0.5 µg/mL NAr4, NAr5
4 µg/mL NAr6
03/03/19 Padma, Rajshahi
(24.3614252 N,88.5991637E)
Approx. 2–3 m Meropenem 4 µg/mL NM1, NM2, NM3, NM4, NM6, NMF7, NMF8, NMF9, NMF10