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Table 4 GenBank Acc. Nos. and host characteristics for IncI1 plasmids which have high sequence cover and 99 to 100% sequence identity to one of the listed IncI1 plasmids from this study

From: Characterisation of IncI1 plasmids associated with change of phage type in isolates of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Sequenced IncI1 plasmid IncI1 plasmid NCBI Plasmid Host/Source/Country/Year
08ST05125 ADJW01000035
E. coli H383/USA?
S. Infantis/chicken/Australia/2005
10ST00233 JYXO01000014
MLBA01000019 & 48
S. Muenchen/turkey/USA/2011
S. Infantis/stool/Israel/2008
E. coli/urine/USA
E. coli/chicken/India/2015
P212_15 FZIL01000016
AFQH01000079 & 80
E. coli/pig/Australia/2007
E. coli H494/UK?
09ST00748 ADTK0100000000a E. coli MS 84–1/gut/USA
11ST04232 MYXP01000015
S. enterica/USA
S. Typhimurium/pork/USA/2011
01ST04081 JYEE0100000000a
E. coli/chicken/Denmark/2009
E. coli/chicken/China/2015
08ST06126 AEVZ0100000000a
E. coli M919/USA?
E. coli AVC162/poultry/Australia/2010
  1. aIncI1 sequence found in several or more contigs