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Table 4 DEGs related to secondary metabolic clusters in P. polymyxa SC2

From: Interactional mechanisms of Paenibacillus polymyxa SC2 and pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) suggested by transcriptomics

  Gene product Name log2FC(SH/S)
polymyxin biosynthesis PPSC2_22060 polymyxin synthetase E pmxE 4.93
PPSC2_22065 multidrug ABC transporter permease pmxD 6.13
PPSC2_22070 multidrug ABC transporter permease pmxC 5.13
PPSC2_22075 ATP-dependent asparagine adenylase pmxB 4.95
PPSC2_22080 synthetase 2 Gramicidin S synthetase II pmxA 2.93
fusaricidin biosynthesis PPSC2_00380 membrane protein ymcC 4.92
PPSC2_00385 enoyl-ACP reductase fusG 4.73
PPSC2_00390 peptide synthetase fusF 2.77
PPSC2_00395 aldehyde dehydrogenase fusE 6.65
PPSC2_00400 acetolactate synthase large subunit fusD 7.88
PPSC2_00405 3-oxoacyl-ACP synthase fusc 7.74
PPSC2_00410 3-hydroxymyristoyldehydratase fusB 7.81
PPSC2_00415 bacitracin synthetase fusA 7.5