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Table 1 Strains used in this study and their genotypes

From: Tolerance of Yarrowia lipolytica to inhibitors commonly found in lignocellulosic hydrolysates

Name Genotype description Reference
ST6512 W29 + MATa ∆ku70::Cas9::DsdA [37]
(aka wild type)
OKYL049 ST6512 + E1::pTef1in + DGA1 + tPEX20 Δare1 Δmhy1 this paper
(aka obese strain)
SZYL002 OKYL049 + C3::[(pTef1 + XK + tPex20)-(pGAPDH+XDH + tLip2)] this paper
SZYL004 OKYL049 + C3::[(pTef1 + XK + tPex20)-(pGAPDH+XDH + tLip2)-(pPYK1 + XR + tPex16)] this paper