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Table 4 Community richness and community diversity indices analyzed based on type of land use

From: Marine bacterial communities in the upper gulf of Thailand assessed by Illumina next-generation sequencing platform

Type of land useCommunity richnessCommunity diversity
Mangrove forests1705.90 ± 184.77ab**1768.60 ± 197.76ab7.19 ± 0.15a0.97 ± 0.00a
Tourist site1534.10 ± 121.39a1600.37 ± 126.66a7.10 ± 0.27a0.97 ± 0.00a
Aquaculture site1739.97 ± 199.51b1856.22 ± 217.73b7.61 ± 0.19b0.98 ± 0.00b
p-value*** (between groups)
  1. *Values are the means of three samplings from each location± standard deviations
  2. **Values with the same letters within a column are not significantly different according to Tukey’s test
  3. ***p-values < 0.05 are considered significant