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Table 3 Cause, type, date and period of antimicrobial (AB) treatment of four dolphins

From: Highly abundant core taxa in the blow within and across captive bottlenose dolphins provide evidence for a temporally stable airway microbiota

Dolphin ID Cause of AB treatment AB medication AB dosage Period of treatment
Gemma Aborted calf, prevention of infection Amoxycillin Oral administration, 2500 mg, twice a day 02/05 to 13/06/2017 (6 weeks)
Howie Ocular infection Doxycycline Oral administration, 250 mg, twice a day 30/05 to 07/062017 (7 days)
Nudgee Septic arthritis in shoulder joint Amoxycillin Oral administration, 3000 mg, twice a day 22/06 to 27/07/2017 (5 weeks)
Gentomicin Oral administration, 500 mg, once a week
Stella Inappetence Amoxycillin Oral administration, 4000 mg 05/07/2017 (only once)