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Table 1 ELISA antibody titres of sera from rats immunized with O. ochengi recombinant galectin GBP-1 and female worm extract at 0, 14 and 28 days post immunization

From: Galectins from Onchocerca ochengi and O. volvulus and their immune recognition by Wistar rats, Gudali zebu cattle and human hosts

Antigens OD, Non-immunized Wistar rat (control) OD, Median (IQR) Immunized Wistar rats
O. ochengi galectin O. ochengi extract O. ochengi galectin O. ochengi extract
D0 0 3060 0.0 (0.0) 3466 (2914–4136)
D14 0 3139 0 (0–173) 2960 (2724–3532)
D28 0 2492 160 (0–2790) 3374 (2795–3831)
  1. Rats (n = 3) were immunized with 20 μg of recombinant O. ochengi galectin protein on day 0 and a booster dose was given 14 days thereafter. Blood samples were collected before immunization (day 0; D 0), 14 days after immunization (D 14) and 14 days after boosting (D 28). As a negative control, a non-immunized rat was used ( n= 1). Sera were analyzed by ELISA for total IgG antibodies with O. ochengi recombinant galectin and O. ochengi somatic extract as antigens. Mann-Whitney U test was used for this analysis. OD Optical density (450 nm); IQR interquartile range of OD values (indicated in brackets)