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Table 1 MinION and Sanger workflow times comparison

From: Rapid identification, capsular typing and molecular characterization of Streptococcus pneumoniae by using whole genome nanopore sequencing

Steps MinION workflow Sanger workflow
Sample preparation Strains cultured overnight and harvested the following day
DNA extraction 2 h 40 min
Preparation for sequencing 1 h 8h15min
Sequencing 5 min-3 h* 6 h
Data analysis 1 h 2 h
Total 4 h5 min-7 h 16 h45min
  1. Clarifications for Sanger workflow: a) “Preparation for sequencing” step includes four different steps which make it more laborious [amplification (3h30min), 1st purification (1 h15min), sequence reaction (3 h) and 2nd purification (30 min)]; b) “Sequencing” step only includes the seven housekeeping genes: aroE, gdh, gki, recP, spi, xpt and ddl
  2. *Five minutes are enough for identification at species level and at least 3 h are required to obtain whole genome data. However, we always initiated a standard 18 h sequencing procedure
  3. Abbreviations: NA not available, WGS whole-genome sequencing