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Table 1 The annotation of virulence factors of the strain VSc190401 in VFDB databases

From: Complete genome analysis of a virulent Vibrio scophthalmi strain VSc190401 isolated from diseased marine fish half-smooth tongue sole, Cynoglossus semilaevis

Virulence primary categories Virulence Secondary categories Gene numbers
Offensive virulence factors Toxin 2
Offensive virulence factors Secretion system 13
Offensive virulence factors Adherence 81
Offensive virulence factors Invasion 11
Defensive virulence factors Cellular metabolism 1
Defensive virulence factors Antiphagocytosis 21
Defensive virulence factors Stress protein 9
Regulation of virulence-associated genes Regulation 7
Nonspecific virulence factor Iron uptake system 30