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Table 3 Morphometric comparison of Linostomella vorticella populations with significant data and doubtful species reported under that name

From: New contributions to two ciliate genera (Ciliophora, Heterotrichea) based on morphological and molecular analyses, with description of a new Gruberia species

Body shape Body length Body width Peristome lengtha Number of adoral membranelles Number of SK Number of Ma nodules Collection site Reference
ellipsoidal and variable, obliquely truncated at the anterior end, a depression at the posterior end 135–205 70–110 35–60% 36–51 37–51 5–12 A freshwater pond, Qingdao, China Present work
almost spherical body, large and oblique oral cavity in front A fire bucket, Berlin, Germany Ehrenberg [7] (type population)
ovoid body with a broadly rounded rim 210 160 ca. 50% 8 A polluted pond, Warsaw, Poland Wrześniowski [12]
ovoid body with broad back and truncated forward 200 ca. 50% 5 Under water lilies, Ariana, Tunisia Penard [13]
globular, hemispherical or ovoid body with obliquely truncated anterior 100–125 ca. 45%b Fauré-Fremiet [14]
bag-shaped, truncated in front 100–200 ca. 51%b 6–10 Clear pools and ponds Kahl [15]
ovoid body, large and evenly rounded toward the posterior extremity, truncated at the anterior end 180 120 ca. 50% 5 Various ponds, Nanjing, China Wang & Nie [16]
ca. 47%b 60–70 11 Some ponds, Hungary Gelei [17]
160 ca. 56%b 19–22 31–34 2–7 A freshwater pond, Mokolo, Cameroon Dragesco [18]
140–170 80–110 ca. 58%b ca. 40 30–38 8–12 Kleikuhle, Husum, Germany Pätsch [19]
oval body, rounded posteriorly 140–170 ca .44 30–38 2–12 Dragesco & Dragesco-Kernéis [20]
bag-shaped, truncated in front, rounded at the back 170–200 100 ca. 53%b 40–50 39–45 5–9 Meerfelder Maares, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Packroff & Wilbert [21]
saccular to ellipsoidal, both ends broadly rounded, ventral anterior half obliquely truncated 100–210 70–160 ca. 50% 40–50 26–45 2–15 Eutrophic pond, Salzburg, Austria Foissner et al. [22]
ellipsoidal, rounded on anterior and posterior ends 90–160 70–120 ca. 50% ca. 50 ca. 35 8–12 Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas, the United States Alekperov et al. [23]
  1. Abbreviations: Ma Macronucleus; SK Somatic kineties
  2. Doubtful species, a Ratio of oral length to body length, b Data from drawing or pictures, − Data not available