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Table 2 Transposon mutagenesis results for strain A102

From: Large plasmids encoding antibiotic resistance and localized-like adherence in atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains

Mutant strain Gene function % amino acid identity
II-H-9 Autotransporter outer membrane beta-barrel domain-containing protein 100%
X-F-12 Nitric oxide reductase [Escherichia coli] 100%
III-C-1 Lysine descarboxilase [Escherichia coli B088] 100%
III-A-5 Aspartokinase/Homoserine dehydrogenase [Escherichia coli ISC7] 100%
X-A-12 Oligogalacturonate lyase [Escherichia coli] 100%
I-D-4 GTP-binding protein, partial [Escherichia coli] 100%
III-H-12 Electron transfer flavoprotein, partial [Escherichia coli] 100%
II-E-4 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein [Enterobacteriaceae] 99%
II-E-5 Fimbrial protein [Escherichia coli H120] 99%
V-A-1 DeoR Family transcriptional regulator 99%
IV-B-7 Sodium/proline symporter [Escherichia coli] 99%
II-C-7 draP [Escherichia coli LAU-EC10] 96%
II-E-4 Hypothetical protein, partial 80%
II-A-7 Tia invasion determinant domain protein [Escherichia coli] 80%
II-H-5, X-B-12 ABC transporter ATP-binding protein [Escherichia coli] 75%
II-F-5 Adhesin/Virulence fator Hek [Escherichia coli] 73%
II-D-10 Protein TraJ (Positive regulator of conjugal transfer operon) (Plasmid) [Escherichia coli S88] 73%