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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes in whole blood assay with standard combination treatment that are found in known TB pathways (as reported in Honeyborne et al) [1]

From: Gene expression responses to anti-tuberculous drugs in a whole blood model

Gene pathwayDEGs found in whole blood assay with standard combination treatmentDirection of differential expression
DosR regulonnrdZUp
KstR regulonRv1628cUp
Triacylglycerol synthesisRv3087Up
Aerobic respirationcta/C/D/E; nuoD/G/K; qcRA/B/CDown
ATP synthesisatpA/B/C/D/E/F/GDown
Citric acid cyclegltA2; Rv0247c; Rv0248c; sucCDown
Fatty acid synthesisfabD; fabG1; fas; kasA/BDown
Mycolic acid biosynthesiscmaA2; fadD32; mmaA3/A4; pcaA; korADown
Ribosome biosynthesisrplx11; rpmX5; rpoA/B/C; rpsAx13Down