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Table 1 Movement of PeVYV P4 between epidermal cells in N. benthamiana leaves at 6 dpi

From: First evidence showing that Pepper vein yellows virus P4 protein is a movement protein

ConstructsNo. of loci examinedNo. of loci with a single cell (%)No. of loci with more than 2 cells (%)ρ-value
Vector5050a (100%)0 
CMV 3a50050(100%) 
P4504(8%)46(92%)< 0.05b
∆P4 117–1385050(100%)0 
∆P4 AAA117–1385042(84%)8(16%)< 0.05
  1. a Loci with signal cells expressing GFP fluorescence
  2. bρ-value was determined using the unpaired two-tailed Student t-test