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Table 1 The geographical region of the isolation, species identification, antifungal susceptibility profile, genotype and sequence type of 8 C. gattii strains

From: Clinical and microbiological characteristics of Cryptococcus gattii isolated from 7 hospitals in China

Isolate No.ID by VITEK 2 Compactpigmentation on CGB agarID by MALDI-TOF MSgeographical region of the isolationSTsGenotype5-FUAMBFCAITRVRCPSZ
(Identification rate)(score)abababababb
1C. neoformans (93%)blueC. gattii (2.190)temperate regions20VGII< 42< 0.518320.
2C. neoformans (90%)blueC. gattii (2.043)tropical areas106VGI< 40.5< 0.50.2514< 0.1250.
3C. neoformans (96%)blueC. gattii(2.275)subtropical area57VGI< 40.5< 0.50.2514< 0.1250.
4C. neoformans (99%)blueC. gattii (2.092)subtropical area197VGI< 41< 0.50.2524< 0.1250.06< 0.1250.060.12
5C. neoformans (86%)blueC. gattii (2.118)temperate regions57VGI< 40.5< 0.50.2524< 0.1250.
6C. neoformans (91%)blueC. gattii (2.126)tropical areas7VGII< 42< 0.50.581280.
7C. neoformans (98%)blueC. gattii (2.188)subtropical area57VGI< 40.5< 0.50.2514< 0.1250.
8C. neoformans (99%)blueC. gattii (2.194)temperate regions161VGI< 41< 0.50.2524< 0.1250.
  1. Notes: a and b represented the method of ATB fungus 3 and Yeast one respectively; the abbreviations for antifungal drugs were: 5-FU 5-Flucytosine, AMB Amphotericin B, FCA Fluconazole, ITR Itraconazole, VRC Voriconazole, PSZ Posaconazole