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Table 3 Number of samples listed by Ct categories obtained with the universal phytoplasma- and specific qPCR assays

From: Widespread occurrence of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma ulmi’ in elm species in Germany

qPCR Assays and elm speciesCt Category aSum of rows
>  28 ≤ 34>  22 ≤ 28>  18 ≤ 22≤ 18
Universal phytoplasma assay
U. glabra66314271100751
U. laevis103465907665
U. minor7419610314387
Sum of columns2439754641211803
‘Ca. P. ulmi’-specific assay
U. glabra1055141274750
U. laevis240412111664
U. minor13023522387
Sum of columns474116116051801
  1. a, Columns refer to Ct categories and the associated number of positive samples