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Table 1 Sample collection information

From: Characterisation of the gut microbial community of rhesus macaques in high-altitude environments

Sample collection information
locationabbreviatealtitudeclimateannual mean rainfallannual average temperaturemean temperature in Januarysample numbervegetationgroups
BaiYuBY4091 malpine subarctic climate600 mm6.3 °C−4.4 °C10coniferous forest and alpine meadowsHigh-altitude groups (n = 40)
JiangDaJD3246 malpine subarctic climate550 mm4.5 °C−5 °C10coniferous forest and alpine meadows
GongBuJiangDaGB3200 malpine subarctic climate640 mm8.3 °C−0.4 °C10coniferous forest and alpine meadows
YuShuYS4080 malpine subarctic climate480 mm5.9 °C−4.5 °C10coniferous forest and alpine meadows
LingShuiLS100 mtropical monsoon climate1700 mm25.2 °C17.7 °C10a deserted plantation with mango and coconutLow-altitude groups (n = 35)
LongHuShanLHS150 msubtropical humid monsoon1300 mm21.8 °C13.2 °C15subtropical evergreen forest
BaiDiChengBDC150 msubtropical humid monsoon1100 mm16.4 °C8.6 °C10subtropical evergreen forest