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Table 2 AST results of the Alfred 60 AST™ system compared to BD Phoenix™ system for 301 Gram-negative and 86 Gram-positive organisms included in the study. Column 2 refers to the total number of susceptibility tests done with both methods; colum 3 refers to the number of tests for which there was agreement between both tests. S = sensitivie, I = intermediate, R = resistant, CA = Categorical agreement, 95% CI = 95% confidence interval. CoNS – Coagulase negative staphylococcus, 95%CI- 95% confidence interval

From: Evaluation of a new Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility system for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bloodstream infections: speed and accuracy of Alfred 60AST

  No. of discrepancies
No. of IsolatesNo. of AST resultsNo. of CACA % (95% CI)Very majorMajorMinor
Gram-negative organisms
 E.coli2091291124296 (95–97)9364
 Klebsiella spp5735133094 (91–96)10111
 P.mirabillis12796987 (78–84)630
 P.aeruginosa10615895 (86–91)030
 E.cloacae7433786 (72–95)060
 M.morgani6383695 (82–99)020
 Overall Gram-negative3011863177295 (94–96)31555
Gram-positive organisms
 S.epidermidis261049894 (88–98)321
 S.aureus21846679 (68–87)1170
 S.hominis15605490 (79–96)240
 CoNS other13524892 (81–97)130
 E.faecalis10302793 (73–98)030
 E.faecium13267 (10–100)001
 Overall Gram-positive8633329589 (85–92)7292