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Table 1 Description of treatments for the extrinsic stress and energy source test, including pre-growth, treatment media formulation, and replicates tested

From: Persistent and sporadic Listeria monocytogenes strains do not differ when growing at 37 °C, in planktonic state, under different food associated stresses or energy sources

TreatmentsReplicatesaPre-growth mediaEnergy SourceSalt (%)pH levelsBACb (μg/mL)
Stress Conditions (tested in nutritive media [BHI])
 5% NaCl4BHIDextrose57.200
 10% NaCl4BHIDextrose107.200
 pH of 5.23BHIDextrose0.55.200
 pH of 9.23BHIDextrose0.59.200
 BAC 2 μg/mL6BHIDextrose0.57.202
 BAC 5 μg/mL6BHIDextrose0.57.205
Energy Source Utilization (tested in chemically defined media [DM])
 DM Control3DM GlucoseGlucose0.56.750
 DM Cellobiose6DM GlucoseCellobiose0.56.750
 DM Fructose4DM GlucoseFructose0.56.750
 DM Glycogen6DM GlucoseGlycogen0.56.750
 DM Lactose4DM GlucoseLactose0.56.750
 DM Sucrose6DM GlucoseSucrose0.56.750
  1. a Number of resuscitated, biologically independent replicates that were used for the corresponding treatment
  2. b BAC, Benzalkonium Chloride