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Fig. 4

From: A simple, fast and reliable scan-based technique as a novel approach to quantify intracellular bacteria

Fig. 4

Performance comparison between the ICW assay and standard IFU count upon C. trachomatis infection (a) McCoy cells were infected with 434/Bu strain at different MOIs, as indicated. Non-infected control cells (CC) were used as control. At 36 HPI, cells were immunostained for IFU microscopic count or for the ICW assay. Representative images of wells used for the ICW assay from three independent experiments performed in quadruplicate are shown. b Histogram shows the mean values ± SD of IFU/well count (blue bars) and a.u. values (red bars). For both methods, equations and R2 values of trendlines are shown. c The linear correlation (dotted black line) with relative equation and the coefficient of determination (R2 value) are shown

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