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Fig. 4

From: Differential gene content and gene expression for bacterial evolution and speciation of Shewanella in terms of biosynthesis of heme and heme-requiring proteins

Fig. 4

Transcriptional analyses of rpoE2 and hemH paralogues in the wild-type strain and the hemH1-null mutant of S. oneidensis MR-1. a Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analyses of rpoE2 and hemH2 transcripts in MR-1 and MR-1ΔhemH1 strains; b The Real-time PCR analyses of hemH2 transcripts in MR-1 and MR-1ΔhemH1 strains; c the relative expression ratio of hemH1 to hemH2 in PV-4 and MR-1. Cell samples of the strains were collected for RNA extraction at optical density (OD600) of 0.6, 1.3, and 2.2. Transcription of the 16S rRNA genes was analyzed and used as the internal control gene. The assays were performed in triplicates and the error bars represented the standard deviation (SD) of triplicate independent samples

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