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Fig. 5

From: rpoB, a promising marker for analyzing the diversity of bacterial communities by amplicon sequencing

Fig. 5

Comparison of the observed and expected relative abundances of the bacterial community of the mock3. Boxplots show the variation of OTU relative abundance in: (a) the mock3 community (three replicates), with use of the rpoB marker; (b) the mock3 community (three replicates) with use of the 16S marker. The blue box plots show the expected relative abundances of the species based on the theoretical composition of the mock3 community, and the red box plots show the observed relative abundance of OTUs based on Illumina-amplicon sequencing of the mock3 community (FROGS pipeline analysis). Error bars indicate the standard deviation for triplicate samples. The taxonomic identities of the 19 bacterial strains making up the mock3 community are indicated on the y-axis, and the relative abundance of each taxon (values = median percentage read abundance across all replicates for Illumina-sequenced mock communities) is plotted on the x-axis. The number of reads has been corrected with respect to the number of copies of the 16S rRNA gene in each taxon, for the calculation of observed relative abundance

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