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Table 2 Selected genes in key functional categories differentially expressed in planktonic cells cultured in 4.5 mM [Ca2+] compared to planktonic cells cultured in control medium

From: Transcriptome analysis of the fish pathogen Flavobacterium columnare in biofilm suggests calcium role in pathogenesis

Functional group RefSeq Product Fold change (log2) FDR (adjusted p value)
Siderophore synthesis
  WP_060383187.1 Siderophore alcaligin biosynthesis protein 8.20 4.1E-41
WP_060383190.1 LucA/lucC family siderophore biosynthesis protein 5.64 1.7E-44
WP_060383888.1 Siderophore biosynthesis protein 7.21 6.4E-61
Iron transfer
  WP_060383657.1 Iron transporter 2.45 3.7E-13
WP_060383656.1 Ferrous iron transport protein B 1.53 3.2E-09
WP_060381373.1 NifU family protein (iron-sulfur cluster binding) 1.19 4.7E-10
T9SS secretion
  WP_060382679.1 T9SS C-terminal target domain-containing protein 7.61 8.0E-43
WP_060383582.1 T9SS C-terminal target domain-containing protein 1.58 2.8E-05
WP_060383035.1 T9SS C-terminal target domain-containing protein 1.65 6.6E-10
TonB-dependent receptor
  WP_060383861.1 TonB-dependent receptor 6.03 6.9E-40
WP_060383182.1 TonB-dependent receptor 6.01 4.4E-49
WP_060383101.1 TonB-dependent receptor 5.18 3.7E-33
WP_060382917.1 TonB-dependent receptor −1.22 5.7E-04
WP_060382921.1 TonB-dependent receptor −1.59 4.4E-02
Calcium homeostasis
  WP_060383353.1 ABC transporter permease 1.56 1.9E-11
WP_060383434.1 Outmembrane efflux protein 1.46 2.3E-08
WP_060383433.1 Efflux transporter periplasmic adaptor 1.21 1.7E-07
Integral membrane component
  WP_060381689.1 Flagellar motor protein MotA 1.47 2.9E-06
WP_060383854.1 Aquaporin 1.69 1.9E-11
Respiration system
  WP_060381562.1 NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit H −1.01 1.4E-02
WP_060381556.1 NADH dehydrogenase −1.02 2.4E-03
WP_060381560.1 NADH oxidoreductase (quinone) subunit F −1.12 9.2E-03
WP_060381555.1 NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit A −1.12 5.3E-03
WP_060381577.1 Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I −1.20 5.4E-02
WP_060381576.1 Cytochrome C oxidase subunit II −1.23 3.5E-02
WP_060381574.1 Cytochrome C −1.30 3.2E-02
WP_060382919.1 Cytochrome-c peroxidase −1.31 8.7E-03
WP_060381571.1 Quinol:cytochrome C oxidoreductase −1.41 3.2E-02
WP_060381575.1 Quinol:cytochrome C oxidoreductase −1.32 2.9E-02
Gliding motility WP_060383259.1 Gliding motility protein GldN −1.01 1.5E-02
Quorum sensing WP_060383185.1 LuxR family transcriptional regulator 3.94 2.8E-29