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Table 2 BLI concentration required to restore imipenem susceptibility in efflux proficient and deficient P. aeruginosa

From: In vitro studies evaluating the activity of imipenem in combination with relebactam against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Compound Structure BLI concentration to restore IMI (μg/mL) Fold differentialb
MB6477 efflux-wta MB6476 efflux-dela
DABCO #1 > 100 12.5 > 8-fold
DABCO #2 50 3.125 16-fold
DABCO #3 12.5 6.25 2-fold
Relebactam 6.25 3.125 2-fold
  1. BLI β-lactamase inhibitor, DABCO diazabicyclooctane, IMI imipenem
  2. aMB6477 nfxC, wild-type for other efflux pumps, spontaneous OprD deletion; MB6476 nfxC, Δ [MexAB-OprM] Δ [MexCD-OprJ] Δ [MexXY] Δ [MexJKL] Δ [MexHI-OpmD] Δ [OpmH])
  3. bDifferential between the concentrations required to restore susceptibility to imipenem at 4 μg/mL, expressed as the BLI concentration against MB6477 divided by the BLI concentration against MB6476