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Table 1 Details of study isolates including accession numbers

From: Rapidly disseminating blaOXA-232 carrying Klebsiella pneumoniae belonging to ST231 in India: multiple and varied mobile genetic elements

Centre Isolate no. Accession no/ Bioproject ID blaOXA-48 variant Plasmid Insertion sequence flanking blaOXA-48 variant MLST
CMC, Vellore Kp1 MPCT00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 ISKpn26, IS5 family;
IS110 family
Kp2 MOXL00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3/ IncFII None ST231
Kp3 PUXB0000000 OXA-181
unidentified None
Kp4 MEBR00000000 OXA-232
unidentified ISKpn26, IS5 family
Kp5 MDZG00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 TnAs3, Tn3 family ST231
Kp6 MOXN00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 ISX4, IS1 family; ISRaq1, IS3 family ST231
Kp7 MOXM00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST14
Kp8 MIEJ00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 IS1A and IS1F, IS1 family ST14
Kp9 LZYN00000000 OXA-181 ColKP3 None ST147
Kp10 MCFO00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp11 MCFP00000000 OXA-181 unidentified None ST43
Kp12 NTHQ00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp13 PJOP00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST16
Kp14 PKMV00000000 OXA-181 unidentified None ST147
Kp15 PETC00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp16 PKOL00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp17 PKOK00000000 OXA-232 unidentified ISKpn26, IS5 family;
ISSpu2, IS630 family
Kp18 NSCV00000000 OXA-232 unidentified None ST231
Kp19 NRSU00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp20 PKOM00000000 OXA-181 IncA/C2 None ST231
Kp21 PPXS00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST395
Kp22 PPXT00000000 OXA-232 unidentified ISKpn1, IS3 family; IS4321R, IS110 family ST570
Kp23 PUIG00000000 OXA-181 unidentified None ST14
Kp24 PYSM00000000 OXA-232 unidentified None ST231
Kp25 PUIF00000000 OXA-232
AIIMS Trauma Centre, New Delhi Kp26 PWAF00000000 OXA-181 unidentified ISKox1, partial, IS66family ST43
Kp27 PWAD00000000 OXA-181 unidentified ISKox1, partial, IS6family ST43
Kp28 MNPB00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 ISPa38, Tn3 family; IS4321R, IS110 family ST11
Kp29 MNPC00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 ISKpn25, ISL3 family ST11
Kp30 MNPG00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 ISPa38, Tn3 family ST11
Kp31 MNPH00000000 OXA-232 unidentified ISKpn26, IS5 family ST14
Kp32 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 unidentified TnAs3, Tn3 family ST14
Kp33 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 Tn2, Tn3 family ST2040
Kp34 MNPA00000000 OXA-232 unidentified IS26, IS6 family; IS903, IS5 family; ISPa38, Tn3 family ST231
Kp35 PYUL00000000 OXA-181 unidentified ISKox1 IS66 family; ISEc36 IS3 family; ISKpn42 IS110 family ST43
  Kp36 PRJNA494951 OXA-181 unidentified ISKpn1, IS3 family ST43
Kp37 PRJNA494951 OXA-181 unidentified ISKpn1 partial, IS3 family ST11
Kp38 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 unidentified ISKpn1, partial, IS3 family; IS5075, IS110 family ST11
Kp39 PWAH00000000 OXA-232 unidentified None ST101
Kp40 PWAE00000000 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp41 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp42 PRJNA494951 OXA-181 ColKP3 None ST16
Kp43 PRJNA494951 OXA-181 IncA/C2 None ST231
Kp44 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST15
Kp45 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST15
Kp46 PRJNA494951 OXA-181 ColKP3 None ST15
Kp47 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp48 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231
Kp49 PRJNA494951 OXA-232 ColKP3 None ST231