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Table 1 List of 25 most up-regulated genes in the transcriptome of B. thailandensis strain E555 during infection of macrophages after 6 h post-infection

From: Burkholderia thailandensis strain E555 is a surrogate for the investigation of Burkholderia pseudomallei replication and survival in macrophages

Bt E555 fig|869,728.6. peg. log2 fold change in T6 transcriptome Bt E555 gene function assigned by RAST Bp Sanger ID Bp gene name Bp gene product Significantly upregulated in T5 transcriptome? Significantly upregulated in T6 proteome?
5909 11.7106 Hcp BPSS1498 tssD-5 (hcp1) type VI secretion system protein TssD-5 Yes Yes
5896 9.5536 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase (EC BPSS1490 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase Yes Yes
5907 9.3004 Uncharacterized protein ImpB BPSS1496 tssB-5 type VI secretion system protein TssB-5 Yes Yes
5908 9.0842 Uncharacterized protein ImpC BPSS1497 tssC-5 type VI secretion system protein TssC-5 Yes Yes
5910 8.9729 Uncharacterized protein similar to VCA0109 BPSS1499 tssE-5 type VI secretion system protein TssE-5 Yes  
5897 8.5387 Plasmid pIB6 ORFA DNA BPSS1491 hypothetical protein Yes Yes
2756 8.4671 TonB-dependent hemin, ferrichrome receptor BPSS0244 BhuR (Outer membrane heme receptor) Yes No
5913 8.4574 ClpB protein BPSS1502 tssH-5 type VI secretion system protein TssH-5 Yes No
5911 8.1660 Protein ImpG/VasA BPSS1500 tssF-5 type VI secretion system protein TssF-5 Yes No
3093 8.0481 SyrP-like protein BPSL1785 hypothetical protein Yes Yes
3100 7.8577 ABC-type siderophore export system, fused ATPase and permease components BPSL1779 siderophore biosynthesis related ABC transport protein Yes No
3113 7.4295 Non-ribosomal peptide synthetase modules, pyoverdine BPSL1778 siderophore related no-ribosomal peptide synthase No No
5914 7.3994 VgrG protein BPSS1503 tssI-5 type VI secretion protein TssI-5 Yes No
5915 7.2906 hypothetical protein BPSS1504 tagAB-5 type VI secretion system-associated protein TagAB-5 Yes Yes
5839 7.2027 Fig. 00464790: hypothetical protein BPSL3352 hypothetical protein Yes  
5920 7.1177 Uncharacterized protein ImpJ/VasE BPSS1509 tssK-5 type VI secretion system protein TssK-5 Yes Yes
5922 7.0900 IcmF-related protein BPSS1511 tssM-5 type VI secretion system protein TssM-5 Yes Yes
6277 7.0886 Hemin uptake protein BPSS0362 hypothetical protein Yes No
3095 6.9269 Ferrichrome transport system permease protein FhuB (TC 3.A.1.14.3) BPSL1783 iron-hydroxamate transporter permease subunit No No
5952 6.7155 Type III secretion thermoregulatory protein (LcrF,VirF,transcription regulation of virulence plasmid) BPSS1546 bsaN regulator of type III secretion system effector proteins BsaN (T3SS-3) Yes No
5900 6.4369 Fig. 00456189: hypothetical protein no homolog    Yes No
5899 6.4344 Autotransporter adhesin BPSS1492 bimA Burkholderia intracellular motility A, BimA Yes Yes
5919 6.1933 putative lipoprotein BPSS1508 tssJ-5 type VI secretion system protein TssJ-5 Yes Yes
3092 6.1826 hypothetical MbtH-like protein, PA2412 homolog BPSL1786 hypothetical protein Yes No
5927 6.1495 DNA-binding response regulator BPSS1522 bprB two-component response regulator Yes No
  1. Known virulence factors of B. pseudomallei are shown in bold in the first column